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"Often, people ask: I am looking for money to go to France and study painting. What grant should I apply for? or, Can you give me a list of all grants for France? Our best analogy is: if you went into a library and asked for a book about France, what are the odds the librarian could pick out the perfect book for you." READ MORE

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Isadora Leidenfrost

Isadora Leidenfrost



Question: What is the most important part of getting your art out into the public?
Answer: Not fearing the word No. I look at promoting my films like entering a building, if I am not able to get in one door, I try another door. This strategy has not only helped with securing funding, but also with promotion. There is not always one-way to do something. I have learned that promoting my films is all about trying 100 ways and by doing this I often land on 1 approach that really works!


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