Many artists today are bypassing the usual methods of supporting themselves by using their creativity to invent new possibilities. Here are some examples to stretch your thinking about what you can so with your art.


capture my treasure Capture My Treasure
Over the past few years I have been exploring jewelry making. I have been able to leverage another one of my other life-passions, a love for butterflies and moths, into producing jewelry pieces that can be worn. READ MORE







Mk-Eat is a multi-disciplinary, community-based grant. We encourage projects that reflect community needs and welcome all types of manifestation, including (but certainly not limited to) performance READ MORE


Finding New Life (and Profit) in Doomed Trees

Finding New Life (and Profit) in Doomed Trees


The wooden kitchen bar in the suburban home of Richard and Donna Majer has a canyonlike crack ripping right down its middle, which is exactly what the couple cherish most about it READ MORE


The Uses of Unemployment: Art

The Uses of Unemployment: Art


AIDS is the best thing that ever happened to me. Those words from an exhibit a decade ago at the California College of Arts, struck me speechless. I stood, riveted to the wall-sized set of panels. The honesty and courage of the words and images impressed me profoundly READ MORE
Empower by Scarp

Empowered by Scrap


Artists are natural entrepreneurs. In general, they are innovative, enthusiastic, hard-working, highly intelligent, and resourceful. That last attribute is the subject of this post READ MORE
One Day, One Job

RxArt: Who is Helping You Find a Job?


I'm Willy Franzen. I graduated from Cornell University in 2006 and quickly realized how frustrating the job search can be for new grads. That's why I started One Day, One Job. The insiders guide to unique and exciting entry level job and career opportunities for recent college graduates. READ MORE
Chakaia Booker

Rubber Tires


Chakaia is well-known for her use of rubber tires as a medium for her art, which has been highly acclaimed by critics and the public. Her work is achieved through recycling old tires that have been thrown away, and it is symbolic of the survival of Africans READ MORE
The Garage Art

The Garage Art


Two art majors at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay didnt want to lose the energizing art studio experience once graduated. They shared their vision for working studios and a gallery with the owners of The Cannery on Olde Main in October 2005. By March 17, 2006, the ARTgarage was open READ MORE


Drifters Project

Drifters Project


My current project Drifters focuses on the global issue of marine debris and plastics in the ocean. I have been working on installations and public artworks that address the interconnectedness of the land and sea, between humans and the ocean READ MORE
Bottle Cap Mandala

Artist Bryant Holsenbeck Creates Bottle Cap Mandala


Artist Bryant Holsenbeck enlisted the help of students and the community to create her largest bottle cap mandala ever in the College of Charleston's Marlene and Nathan READ MORE & View Video
Story of Stuff

Story of Stuff (Full Version)


From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside READ MORE & VIEW VIDEO
Bryant Holsenbeck

The Last Straw


A continued quest for life without disposable plastic: by Bryant Holsenbeck. Environmental Artist READ MORE
Scrap Exchange

The Scrap Exchange


The Scrap Exchange is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote creativity, environmental awareness, and community through reuse. We collect materials from hundreds of individuals, businesses, industries, and municipal sources and distribute those READ MORE
poor farm

The Poor Farm


The goal of the Poor Farm is to facilitate and present artists projects and year-long exhibitions at the former Waupaca County Poor Farm (built 1876) in Little Wolf, Wisconsin. First and foremost, the Poor Farm is a facilitator, generating new possibilities for artistís projects and exhibitions. READ MORE



Worm Farm An Evolving Laboratory of Arts & Ecology
Dedicated to integrating culture and agriculture, the Wormfarm Institute is an evolving laboratory of the arts and ecology and fertile ground for creative work. Planting a seed, cultivating, reaping what you sow . . . both farmer and artist have these READ MORE
J Morgan

J. Morgan Puett




The Suburban


The Suburban is an independently run artist exhibition space in Oak Park, IL. We give complete control to the artists in regards to what they choose to produce and exhibit. Thus it's a pro artist and READ MORE


Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project


The Sketchbook Project creates a space to share your process with the world. With new features, new books and a custom-desgined library cataloging system, the 2012 Project is ready for a world tour READ MORE

The Crow and The Wolf


Picture We are The Crow & The Wolf , a duo of female artists who once lived in San Francisco. Working primarily as installation artists and community builders, our combined interests in psychology, architecture, sociology READ MORE












Gail Simpson & Aristotle Georgiades

Gail Simpson &

Aristotle Georgiades

Visit their Website


Question: Name one challenge when creating public art and how you overcame it?


Answer: This project was commissioned through the Wisconsin Percent for Art Program, for the Lab Sciences Building at UW-Whitewater. The challenge was to convey the kind of research done by the students and faculty in this multi-disciplinary science building. We wanted to integrate this into the architecture. Our solution was to collect images that the students and professors generated as part of their studies, everything from stained slides to telescopic photos, and imprint the images in the glass of the elevator column. We mounted lights on the elevator, so every time someone uses it, different panes of glass are lit up.


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